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"And suddenly he knew that he had never found gratification in love, but always only in hatred—in hating and being hated."

- Patrick Suskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (via karmelasays)

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"1) Eat better. You have a chalkboard; use it. Make menus. Plan meals.
2) Read at least one chapter of a book for fun each day.
3) Go on a drive once a week. Have no particular destination other than a stop for iced tea. Put on music and see where you end up.
4) Listen to a record straight through without doing anything else. Sometimes music needs your full attention.
5) Doodle. Who cares how shitty of an artist you are? Give it a shot. Create.
6) Go to coffee shops. There’s a million in the city. Get out of the house for a while.
7) Ask a friend to go to dinner. Simply as friends and for no particular reason. Pick up the bill.
8) Allow yourself to fall in love. Let things happen. See where it goes. Take the risk."

- Joshua Angell || Eight Things To Start Doing   (via perfect)

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Every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.

With every minute that passes, we are unknowingly one minute closer to our next Poop

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me trying to provide comfort


me trying to provide comfort

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when you reblog something risky and dont lose followers


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